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All MediacomMegan's Badges

MediacomMegan has earned 6 badges!
  • Commander
    Earned by 307
    Thank you for participating in the community. Whether you arrived with a problem to be solved or a solution to provide, we hope you will continue.
  • Commander III
    Commander III
    Earned by 7
    Congratulations, you've posted 20 topics.
  • Commander II
    Commander II
    Earned by 9
    Congratulations, you've posted 10 topics.
  • Contributor
    Earned by 13
    Thanks! You've given 5 kudos.
  • Explorer
    Earned by 1,578
    Thank you for taking the first step in your community journey! Welcome aboard.
  • Explorer II
    Explorer II
    Earned by 22
    We're pleased to see you exploring Mediacom space.