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Greenfield, IA and Surrounding Areas


weather update.PNGMediacom is working on repairing our services that were impacted by the tornadoes and severe weather in Greenfield, IA and surrounding areas yesterday evening. There are numerous commercial power outages as well as significant damage to property and lines down in hard hit areas.  Many customers will regain service as commercial power is restored.  We appreciate everyone's patience as we work as quickly as possible to restore service.  

We are working on setting up a temporary WiFi hotspot in Greenfield, Iowa for free community use. We will provide an additional update with the location once this is completed.

Important Safety Reminder

Please never attempt to climb poles or attempt repairs of downed cable lines as you risk severe injury or death as our cable lines often accompany electrical lines which carry high voltage. Also in many cases, we must wait for storm restoration crews to address any electrical hazards and remove debris before we can begin working on lines and equipment  


Question: I have Mediacom equipment that was destroyed from the storm. Will I have to pay for this equipment?
Answer: No, you will not be liable for the equipment that was destroyed because of damage from the storm.

Question: I was in a contract, but my house was damaged by the storm, and I have to disconnect services. Will I be responsible for an early termination fee?
Answer: No, Mediacom will waive all early termination fees for all contract customers who have to disconnect services due to the storm.

Question: Will I receive credit for services that were out?
Answer: Yes, once the services are restored, Mediacom will calculate the amount of time customers were without service and apply a credit to your bill. We will do this automatically using information from our monitoring systems. Please note credits will most likely be reflected on a future billing statement.

Question: I need to disconnect service temporarily, how can I retain my email address and phone number?
Answer: Please contact us to make arrangements to preserve your email address and telephone number until you can re-activate service.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people, and local employees, who have been affected by this devastating storm.  We will be working side by side with you to rebuild in the days ahead.  Please stay safe!     


If anyone wants to donate items or money to the relief efforts in Greenfield, They really need zip lock baggies, all size batteries, sharpies, paper towels, work gloves, sunscreen, all types of charges for laptops and phones, rakes, laundry detergent, Plastic totes,ect. All donations can be dropped off at  St John's Catholic Church in Greenfield. They have been posting regular updates on drop off times and needs on their Facebook page too!


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Please donate or contribute of any sort, if you can, thanks everyone