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Can Beggars be Choosers? Modem with a 2.5Gb port

Luminary lvl8

Hey folks, 

I have my PC connected now via Ethernet after the tech ran the cable into my office room. I noticed the Modem/Router I have only has four 1Gb ports and no 2.5Gb port. Because of this I rarely break 800Mb/s down whereas I easily hit over 1.1Gb/s on wifi. 

I talked to total care team (not sure if that is same team as you all) who said they do have some modems with a 2.5Gb port (which I see on the link below).

I was told however that only a random DOCSIS 3.1 modem is shipped so there is no guarantee that I will get one. Seems that Mediacom may provide equipment that is not suitable for the gig speed? Is there any way to ensure I can get the modem.

Since I am leasing the modem seems I should be paying for one that can allow for the speeds I pay for?




Hello sbrenton. Thanks for your inquiry. We currently only offer the 2Gbps services in limited areas that have already been upgraded to the newest 10G network we are working on implementing. That said, speeds above 1Gbps would only be possible in those specific locations and would not be possible outside of those areas until the upgrades are completed throughout our infrastructure even with a newer modem being used. From my understanding, rental modems capable of these higher speeds are only being issued in the upgraded areas at this time. You can always review our Compatible Retail modem list or the list you linked in your post to purchase current models of modems we support at your discretion. Once we upgrade your area we will initially be issuing upgraded modems to users taking advantage of those upgraded speed tiers. These newer modems will eventually become standard equipment at some point in the future as has been the case with all prior DOCSIS versions over the years, but that does take a few to several years depending on various factors involved. If you have any additional questions please let us know.

@MediacomTom I appreciate the reply, however, I wasn't referring to the 2Gb 10g service (DOCSIS 4.0) but rather I was speaking to a 2.5Gbe ethernet port on the back of the docsis 3.1 Modem/Router for my current 1Gb internet. As a 1Gb max port will never fully push a full 1gig I was curious how we may request one of the 4 or 5 modems that Mediacom has which has a single 2.5Gb ethernet port on the back is all.


The service does provide up to 1 Gb internet speed and our modems we provide for rental have been tested and do produce the appropriate speeds.  You do have the option to purchase a personal modem that better meets your expectations which will in turn save you the rental fee charged monthly.  

Luminary lvl8

Mediacom doesn't show it but I use a motorolla 8611 and has been fantastic for 2 years. 3.1 docsis modem. Modem only phone or cable. Normally get 970MBs on mine.