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Can't Connect to IMAP Server (Mchsi) & "" not a valid server


Using Apple Mail on my iMac, and the SMTP account is connected to the server but the IMAP account remains offline. Have tried everything I can thing of (restart computer, reenter account name and password, try different account names). Nothing seems to work. I'm also getting frequent messages that "" isn't a valid server. 



That’s happening to me right now too!

Me too! Just started doing it a couple hours ago but slightly different message I think. At one point it said something about device is full. It absolutely is not even close to full. I think the last time iOS was updated it happened. I just updated mine day or two ago so has to be related. I uninstalled my mediacom email and reinstalled. Seems to have fixed it. 


i have a new phone and set up mail on it for mediacom - i am only able to connect to it when i am on my home wifi which is supplied by Medicam Cable. reinstall and removal on this new phone had no impact. also Verizon is indicating that the email address is invalid  not sure if those are related

Not too sure of a solution, my apologies. You are right though and are both Mediacom owned domain's for e-mail.

Mchsi was their original I believe. 

All I could find are the most recent settings and a help thread on here -

I all most alway get a message that Mediacom's certificate is invalid or expired. I have to try several times before my mail will download. It's been that way for a year.