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Can't Connect to IMAP Server (Mchsi) & "" not a valid server

Luminary lvl8

Using Apple Mail on my iMac, and the SMTP account is connected to the server but the IMAP account remains offline. Have tried everything I can thing of (restart computer, reenter account name and password, try different account names). Nothing seems to work. I'm also getting frequent messages that "" isn't a valid server. 


That's exactly what is happening for me right now too.


Luminary lvl8

I've had this same problem for about 2 months.Very frustrating. I contacted Support a few weeks ago. They said they were aware of the problem and working on it. I can get my email on iPad.

Luminary lvl8

Are you still having problem getting email on Apple products?? I am. Can’t get it on my iPad or phone using ap or webmail 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Cjp. I recommend you review your settings referencing this page: If you continue to receive the error, you may need to remove the account and start from new. Please let me know if you have any problems afterward. Thank you- 

Hi! I have done all of that dozens of times both on ipad and iPhone. Is the page you referenced updated? it says invalid sender email sometimes when I am trying to send and says server not responding when trying to get mail. 
I did change my password Monday for my mediacom ID before I realized it was a huge outage and not just mine.
My webmail also doesn’t work right. If I can get logged in it Expires quick (was emailing you back and lost it all), says wrong password which is not true because it is stored in device and does work sometimes, then says system error or something like that.

I also do not have the option for manage mediacom ID when I log into my mediacom account.