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Can't Connect to IMAP Server (Mchsi) & "" not a valid server


Using Apple Mail on my iMac, and the SMTP account is connected to the server but the IMAP account remains offline. Have tried everything I can thing of (restart computer, reenter account name and password, try different account names). Nothing seems to work. I'm also getting frequent messages that "" isn't a valid server. 


I also called and was told someone would call me back. No call yet and my email is tied to tons of stuff so need it desperately 

After I deleted the accounts and added them back in, and then accepted the certificates, the problems resolved. Haven't had any problems since then.

I still have problems on my Mac. Eventually I get the emails but it often times out and have to continue to recheck before I get the mail.



Still having this problem. If I can access the account it often doesn't download anything for 30 minutes - 2 hours. If I'm waiting for a response or code from some place I have to check my iPad. Very inconsistent as to when email down loads. Haven't resorted to removing the account and trying to add it back. Apple says it is a Mediacom problem. Asked a tech when he was here. He didn't know how to do that  but reset my modem connection and deleted passwords I had for my neighbor and other places. I didn't know until I was visiting someone and trying to use their internet.  My internet runs slower now.