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Clearing Known Devices from Home Network Manager

Luminary lvl8

Is it possible to clear the known devices from the home network manager?

At any given time I have 10 or so devices connected at once but over the past few years I've accumulated around 40 devices. Oddly at times some of these old devices which are long gone show as connected (which is impossible). I believe this is causing issues with my modem/router disconnecting all devices for a few mins intermittently and daily.

Trying to delete these devices from the network manager UI is nearly impossible. Each delete requires you to save, which you will have to click upwards of 10 times before it takes. Then the router resyncs and after deleting 2 or 3 devices they pop right back up so it's cached somewhere or it's poling from a DB that it doesn't ever delete from. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, Sbrenton. If your devices are not being removed when you delete them in the Home Network Manager control panel, your modem may not be synchronizing properly. I recommend that you check the coax cable connections at the back of the modem and at the wall outlet to ensure they are secure, and then reboot your modem. While doing these steps, you could also factory reset your modem by pressing the reset button for 15 seconds. 

Thanks for your reply Sean.

I've done that a few times. I actually had to do the factory reset to get into the modem admin UI (bypassing the network manager) but there was nothing there showing the devices.

I've been having ongoing issues with my router. A tech came out Friday but would not check my router or lines inside, he insisted it was the outside line which he replaced, but the issue persists. I have another appt scheduled for 9/25. I was hoping to possibly get a replacement docsi3.1 sent my way but I was told when texting 66554 that I cannot get a replacement shipped, I must wait on the tech which is well over a week out.

Some odd signal issues going on as the online system cannot find a signal to my modem either, so maybe as you said this is preventing me from being able to delete these. Guessing the number of known devices and not being able to delete them isn't really the cause but more of a symptom of something else

I have gone ahead and purged the cache of the modem. You should now see a more reasonable list of devices that have been historically connected to the modem. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to reach out. 

You are awesome. I had tech out that replaced inside line and I just so happen to go on the network manager site and saw my devices all cleared out. I was wondering how that happened. Thank You!!