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Intermittent Internet outages - not resolved

I'm subscribed to Mediacom "Internet 200" service (cable modem, internet only) and have had no luck in getting a problem with intermittent short-duration (1 to 3 minute) outages resolved. The frequency of dropouts fluctuates, from 2 to 12 times during a working day. I have stats recorded from running a simple "ping" script every 5s to a logfile to monitor the dropouts and duration. During the workday, this is particularly annoying, as it will interrupt a lot of WFH video/audio chats and remote sessions.

I've had multiple tech visits, each one saying they've "replaced something outside and the signal looks better now" - but the problem remains.

I've swapped out an older Arris modem for a MB8600, but no improvement. I'm using Google Nest Wifi routers and Wifi points (and added a couple more points to rule that out)

I suspect that the issue is either:

  1. Street to house connection: this is a buried cable to the side of the house, or

  2. house to modem connection: the previous house owner had a ton of old cables run for satellite TV, coax, and phone - probably 5-10 years old

However - the problem could also be external (the terminal post does look like it was tipped over in the past).

What's my best course of action in getting this resolved?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello MimsyBorogroves. I apologize for the issue you are having and will be happy to help. Please send an email with your account information to, and we will assist you.

Thanks @MediacomSean - I've send an email.


For about a month I've been experiencing connection issues with my internet. My connection won't drop entirely but will see random packet loss throughout each day. I had a technician come over, replace most of my cabling inside and outside, and set up a new modem. After the technician leaves, I notice the same issues are still occuring. I call and have another technician visit a week later. This one insists the connection to the internet is perfect, despite me showing him in real-time, packet loss from ping tests in my computer's command prompt. He suggests it could be a routing problem and may be resolved on its own in a couple of weeks. After he leaves I decided to run a tracert command to test further for issues (shouldn't this be his job?). This is where I notice issues with the second hop (Mediacom's IP). I ping this IP and see the same packet loss I've been seeing when I did similar tests earlier. Am I wrong in concluding that there is an issue here in the connection between myself and Mediacom? What do I have to do to get this rectified? I really don't want to call another tech here if it isn't going to go anywhere.

Hello ADiephuis. I have merged your topic with a similar service-related topic in order to help expedite your resolution based on the existing reply from our team. If you need any additional help, please let us know.