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ISP Questions


How does Mediacom justify having the most expensive Internet Service Provider option while having the lowest rated reliability?  Mediacom advertises the fast speeds but cannot consistently produce these speeds due to the aging infrastructure of the network they are using.  And now they are starting to charge for service calls.  Techs are undoubtedly having a supplemental added to their training on how to effectively blame connection problems to user error and/or equipment issues in the home.  I have been customer since the 1990s and have endured so many increases and have heard so many excuses that I can recite exactly what a tech is gonna say before they arrive and with the new increases, still not upgrading the infrastructure,  and now planning to charge for a service call, this will be the final year I am a customer.  Already dropped the Cable TV and phone and internet now has to go.  I have a suggestion Mediacom, instead of trying to produce more revenue thru increases, more customers, and charging for service calls, fix your existing infrastructure so you retain customers and don't have as many service calls.  And I ain't even some high power exec that played soccer a hundred years ago.



Good Morning, 88,

I do sincerely apologize for any service issues that you have experienced.  We don't charge for a tech to come out to make repairs.  The only time we will charge is if the technician doesn't find any issues or if the issue is with your own personal equipment.  A charge can also occur if a customer tampers with the equipment provided.  Please reach out to us either by texting us at 66554 or by calling us at 800-332-0245 and we will be happy to help.  While talking with us, also please ask in regards to new promotions or offers as you may qualify for a lower price.  As always, if you do have any further questions or concerns, please call Mediacom customer service or text Molli on 66554. We appreciate your business.

Warmest regards,