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MS Teams meeting wifi drops all devices


I am curious if anyone out there has experienced this very same issue:

I work from home and rely heavily on mediacom here. For the past several weeks I cannot use home wifi whenever I join a microsoft teams meeting especially if there is a screen share or video share involved. 

When I join the meetings, wifi disconnects not just from my laptop but all connected devices throughout the house. MS Teams says re-connecting and only until I close the meeting, window, or wait for it to timeout will the router allow all devices to connect back immediately. As soon as I rejoin that meeting again within a minute, boom, all devices disconnect. It's a continuing cycle.

I am not sure if there is any QoS or firewall setting blocking such traffic? The home network manager is so horribly and severely limited that we have no control or view on anything outside of the very basic of settings.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Sbrenton. I apologize for the issue you are having. There may be an issue with your modem or the connection to your modem, causing a disconnect when a load is put on the connection. I recommend that you check the coax cable connections on the modem and wall outlet to ensure they are secure and then reboot the modem. Once you are back online, test the connection If your results are poor, you may need to arrange a service appointment. 

The connections are good and secured. I will likely try a full modem reset see if that does the trick. I get great speeds to be honest but in all honesty I have been suffering with random intermittent resets off and on (other than the MS teams issue) so maybe each time I hit a type of load it cause this condition.