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Network congestion during peak hours


I want someone to test our hub for network congestion during peak hours as the speed is atrocious. Every night after 6pm our network speed drops to 1Mbps download and I am paying for a gigabyte download plan (full price no discounts). I know it has nothing do do with any equipment in the house as I get the full speed during the day but every night during prime hours it drops to dialup speeds (I mean it seriously feels like 56k dialup was faster and you are not AOL ). Our neighborhood needs the congestion looked at, I do not believe I am being throttled as I am only at 5% of my allotted utilization for the month (350gb of 6000 gb). Please have this looked at before I am forced to get a different provider. This is ridiculous.

Every rep I have talked to wants to setup an appointment that requires me to take off from work ( I work from 6am-8pm and it’s only to look at the inside of the house, which like I have stated works fine during the day but every night I get home it is nothing but complaints from my household. Our area must seriously be oversubscribed and I can no longer take paying for a service that I am not receiving, especially in this economy. 



If you checked all of your stuff, and there isn't an outage posted, I'd get a technician scheduled to diagnose it.  


I would recommend a technician visit as well


Sorry I’m not seeing how this would solve anything. If it only happens at specific hours and those are during their off-hours then what exactly would a visit solve if there is no issue during the time they would be on-site. 

A service to test your line may be able to be done without your presence.  I experienced a similar issue as your for a few years.  The problem was finally solved by what a technician told me was an amplifier added to the trunk line.  I think that meant a boosting amplifier was added not at my residence but somewhere else where the signal was first weak which I think was on a main highway that intersects with my street.  If your signal is dropping off line, report an outage even though it is intermittent.  There were many service calls to my house due to intermittent loss of signal before the problem was finally addressed.  Be persistent.  It was finally decided that installing a signal boosting amplifier somewhere on the line was more economical than making repeated service calls.  You may want to mention the possible need for a "trunk amplifier," on a main line that branches to your service.  In any case, it will take a service call to find the problem.