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Not getting password reset email from Nike


The Nike website is trying to email me a code to reset my account.  I am not receiving the code.  I have been on the phone with Nike, and they confirmed they have the correct email address.  It's like my email is getting blocked at the server.



Are you using a Mediacom e-mail address? If so, I would login directly to their webmail website

  1. Make sure it is not going to your spam/junk folder
  2. Add Nike as a trusted address/domain which is under preferences

Yes, it's a mediacom email address.  There is nothing in spam or junk. I am receving other emails from, but I went ahead and added to trusted domains.  I am still not getting the password reset email code.

Dang, sorry that didn't help.

It definitely is weird that you're getting other e-mails from them but not your password reset code. If I can find any more information on your issue, I will let you know.


Check my posts. It's a known problem with random email senders. I had to set up a gmail acct for this very reason 2 years ago.