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Not Receiving All of my Email


I have not been receiving all of my messages to my .mchsi email address.  I know this because I have had people and various businesses tell me they have sent me messages and I never receieved them.  Just today I had a couple of itineraries sent from American Airlines and I never received those messages.  When I had them to send the same items to my alternate outlook email address, they are received.  I never see anything in my Junk folder so they are not going there.  Any way to fix this issue?



p.s. see mediacom third party email settings on this site dtd 11-29-23


Known Issue for a couple of years... rarely will they admit to it. See some of my previous posts.


I am also having a similar issue.  Emails from Lowes and Godaddy are two examples of emails that will not come through to me.  Both companies have said that the emails are being sent with the correct address and are able to send to my gmail accounts with no problems.

So far Mediacom has not resolved the issue and I will probably leave this company as soon as there is a viable alternative because this is unacceptable (should get a notice if an email from a major company in the US is blocked.