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Not Receiving All of my Email

Luminary lvl8

I have not been receiving all of my messages to my .mchsi email address.  I know this because I have had people and various businesses tell me they have sent me messages and I never receieved them.  Just today I had a couple of itineraries sent from American Airlines and I never received those messages.  When I had them to send the same items to my alternate outlook email address, they are received.  I never see anything in my Junk folder so they are not going there.  Any way to fix this issue?


Trailblazer lvl7

Same problem; where is activity stream?

All folders list on my phone. Under inbox sent etc on webmail on my laptop

Trailblazer lvl7

Yeah, I don't see it there in either place. Very frustrated!! But thanks anyway.

won't let me send a screen shot. my list on webmail on top left side goes inbox, sent, drafts, junk, trash, activity stream. zimlets at bottom. have to slide down box to see activity stream

I was curious about the activity stream situation and wondered if I had a problem with it too.  I've been missing emails from a charity I support.  I found that the activity stream must be turned on for it to function and show in the folders list.  To enable or disable the filter, you go into preferences and scroll down the navigation pane and select "filters."  At the top of the filters settings, the activity stream settings button opens a pop-up where you can turn it on or off as well as a few preferences.
In my case, it was not enabled and, like other posters in this thread, I will just have to migrate some of my correspondence to gmail since there appears to be no other s.