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Repeated upload issues, usually results in local "outage"

Trailblazer lvl7

Ever since the 2020 derecho, Mediacom service has not been what it was before. It was real rough for about a year after the storm, and then it got dramatically better, but in the last six months or so there have been repeated issues in my area. Whenever I utilize the troubleshooter I get the following: "There may be an issue with the signal impeding your service.
If you are using a cable splitter, please disconnect the coax cable from the splitter and securely connect it directly into the modem." Which is the same verbiage I've been getting ever since the derecho, and usually (but not always) the Mediacom site will report an outage of 2-200 customers in my area shortly after. I've scheduled a service call (and have done so in the past as well, with no issues except my main cable is a bit outdated), but I really think it's something about the cable in my area, not my own home. I work from home and it is very frustrating to have to continually lean on my phone for internet because of the upload and outage failures and inconsistency (like it's fine again now but wasn't 20 minutes ago). Is there a way to get this to someone who can validate the real root cause?



Hello Jarathen, Thanks for posting and I am sorry to hear of the ongoing issues. It does sound like you may have a recurring signal issue along with being affected by outages. Depending on your area we may also be actively doing upgrades to our network. Although service is not expected to be out for the entire time we do have overnight regular planned maintenance hours. In the case that an outage does occur we look to repair and restore service ASAP. We actively monitor our network for problems and intermittent issues are more difficult to locate. Although it may take time working through the area we utilize the signal levels and customer reports to narrow down and identify the problematic area within our infrastructure. In order to escalate the matter further please log into our MobileCare app or SMS text us to view appointment availability and we can work to address this with you as quickly as we can.

Thank you, Tom. I do have an appointment scheduled for next week and also noticed several vehicles just a street over today as well. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's just very frustrating not being able to rely on something I need like electricity for my work. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.