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I am trying to find out if Xtreme modems allow all RTP traffic. I am remote customer service and need to kno!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello ENDof8. Mediacom modems do allow RTP traffic. But, you may need to configure port forwarding settings in your router to be able to work remotely. Your IT department will be able to tell you what network settings are required. 



Thank you so much! Do the routers still have the program to use? How do I access it please. 

You are welcome. Network settings are managed in the Eero app. You can download the Eero app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. And, if port forwarding is what you need to configure, here are the steps: 


  1. Open the Eero app
  2. Tap on the Settings tab
  3. Tap on Network settings
  4. Tap on Reservations & Port Forwarding
  5. From here, you can add an IP Reservation under IPv4 Reservations & Port Forwards or a firewall rule under IPv6 Firewall Rules.
  6. You can assign permissions to a previously connected device or manually add a new device. You will assign the Device Name and the desired IP at this stage.
  7. Select Open a Port. A pop-up will appear. Select Save.
  8. You can now edit the permissions with a specific IP address (IPv4 only), MAC address and open a specific internal/external port (you can open a range of ports by inputting the starting port number followed by a dash, then the finishing port number). You can also select a protocol for both TCP & UDP or either TCP or UDP.
  9. Hit the Save button on the top right of the screen to save this setting.

You can toggle these port forwards on and off from the Reservations & Port Forwarding menu.

  1. Tap on “Settings”  -> Tap on “Network Settings” -> Tap on “Reservations & port forwarding” 
    1. Select a device IP reservation or create a new one with the detail above
      1. Tap on the port forward 
      2. Scroll down to the “Port forward” cell and you can toggle off/on the port. 

That will work even though the computer in question is hard wired only?