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Service Availability


What do we need to do to get service to an address that is < 1/4 mile outside of the Mount Vernon City limits?
It is on Hayward drive by Mid America Dental Clinic, 1/4 mile from what was Positronics, and < 1.5 mile from the new housing development going it across the street from 417 Athletics.



Hello mvwhovian. Thank you for inquiring about adding our services to your location. To verify we offer service in your area, you can always check HERE. This will continually update as we are adding new areas that are ready for installation. Multiple factors are involved in servicing a new location that is outside of our existing network footprint and may ultimately require contributions in order to accomplish the expansion. This can vary in range from several hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the distances and necessary equipment involved to expand the network out there. If you would still like us to inquire about this on your behalf please send us your details in an E-mail at your earliest convenience.