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Speeds terrible since outage other day

Trailblazer lvl7

There was a service outage a couple days ago and ever since then my 1gig connection is barely getting 100 mbps and upload is 2-5mbps.  It's also not very stable.  Des Moines, IA area.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Brainbleach. I apologize for the issue you are having. If basic troubleshooting steps, such as checking the coax cable connections and rebooting your modem don't correct the problem, you can check for outages and check your modem signal levels using the troubleshooter in the Mediacom Mobile Care app.  In the app, select Service Support > Troubleshoot Internet. 

Link to Knowledge Base Article: Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection 


The troubleshooter says I have signal issues and to book an appointment but the app isn’t letting me actually make the appointment.


Im seeing the exact same issues but I am down in Florida. Outage a week or so ago and now the upload speeds are abysmal. Consistently 0.30mbps. Download speeds are great but that terrible of an upload speed = bad news. I cant even run the troubleshooter online


Community Manager
Community Manager

If you aren't able to schedule an appointment via the Medaicom Mobile Care app or your account dashboard at, please text us at 66554, and we will get you scheduled. I apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you- Sean