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Stop sabotage my internet


I am a profession IT analyst working for gov. I am writing to complain that Mediacom intentionally sabotage my network access. And asking you do not do it again.

When I run some Chinese popular apps like Tecent QQgame, Huya, bilibili, etc. you will immediately cut my internet access for 2-3 mins. Not these apps, but cut all internet access for all apps. To be more precisely, you will cut all Ipv4 Tcp connections.

Based on my analysis, these apps when started, they will use some p2p tech to self-upgrade. I guess your monitor system thought I am using Torrent or sth to download. That is a huge overkill. They are just some legit usage by apps themselves to upgrade or stream.

In the first several months, it did not happen. So I am guessing you have some kind of blacklist to restrict my account. I am asking to take my ip out of that list. My ip is

Your tech team will understand what I mean.





That doesn't sound like something that Mediacom would be doing. Does the problem persist if you bypass your WIFI router or switch and connect directly to the modem to test? If so, you might want to test with a different modem.