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Wi-Fi password not available

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I moved a few months ago, and transferred my Wi-Fi with me, but ever since I moved my internet isn’t secured anymore (the lock indicator is gone when you go to connect and my devices say my network is not secure). There is a password on it, I’ve even reset the password to see if I needed a new one, but when you go to connect it doesn’t make you input a password at all and just connects to the internet. I need secured internet for work and I’m not sure what to do to make it secure. I did call Mediacom and they reset my password and modem remotely but it didn’t do anything to the internet and it hasn’t been secured at all since the move. Do I need to call and get a new modem and return this one or can I factory reset it or something before having to do that. 


Champion lvl10

I would make sure you are connected to the proper network. 

It does sound like your network is secure. Do you have Apple Devices? I know some Apple Devices will say not secured because they require a WPA3 security type that isn't widely available yet. 

If you need further help, I would call in or text Mediacom support

I am connected to the correct one because I’m the only one with my Wi-Fi name in my apartment. I do have an apple device but what was weird to me is that when I lived in my old place all my devices had me type in the password and same with anyone who came over and wanted to use my Wi-Fi. Now after changing my password and forgetting the Wi-Fi on my devices it doesn’t ask for a password at all and just connects. I’m not sure what happened between the moves but it just stopped asking for the password even though it technically has one. I’m not too tech savvy so I’m not sure what might be wrong or if a setting changed when it was set up but I just know it doesn’t require a password to connect anymore 

Was it a password that you might have used in the past or at your previous location? Devices have a tendency to save/store prior information from prior connections.

One way to truly kick devices off the network is to change both the WiFi name and WiFi password to something never used. That should in theory, force you to re-join and re-type the necessary network password to join.