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WiFi Name and password changed by someone else


This happened last year & is happening again. Someone else is changing my network name & password. I am the only one on my account. When this happens my WiFi goes off line & I have to reset all security cameras etc!  Lately my network was changed to Douglas & a different password. I can change it back but last year it happened a lot. No one at Mediacom believed me & keep saying it was impossible. 



Do you use Eero's? Normally, you can tell if someone has ever logged into your account or gets onto your Wi-Fi network.

I would recommend running a virus/malware scan just to be safe -


Are you using your own router? See if there is a setting that only allows access by ethernet regardless. Otherwise it is a lot easier to hack. Another thing is to use a mac address restrictions. These options might not be available if using a mediacom box. I never had any luck with them. Even on my own router I had to lock down the mac addresses. I got 2 illegal download violations for movies I didn't download before I realized someone else had figured out my passwords. Only stopped once I enabled mac filtering. Have to check your phones if you do that because many randomize their mac each connection by default- and that would have to be off. It's still hackable, but would take more skill.... How can anyone say it's impossible??? I can't understand why ANYBODY would tell you that.