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Where can I find developer resources?


I'm a software developer and I have an elderly friend of mine who is legally blind. I would like to explore integrating the Mediacom CommPortal to Amazon Echo/Alexa devices because voice navigation is much easier for her. What developer resources are available?



Hello Model33TTY, At this time we do not currently support Alexa natively with our telephony service. To enable VOIP access to Amazon devices you will likely need to install additional Amazon hardware such as an Echo Connect or other 3rd party hardware.

Thanks for the reply, but you've misunderstood. I'm aware that Alexa is not natively supported. My question is: Where can I find developer resources so that I can write an integration for my blind friend?

Hello Model33TTY. We do not currently offer developer resources for our residential services. In order to integrate with another service such as Alexa you would need to contact Amazon for developer resources regarding 3rd party VOIP integration or utilize hardware as I mentioned to connect them together. 


We do, however, offer phone caller ID integration with our TiVo service. For more details on the Caller ID over TiVo please go HERE and and for other TiVo accessibility options go HERE.