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Mediacom Signs With Xumo


What is Xumo?

  • Xumo Stream will be offered to broadband-only customers. Mediacom is one of the first cable operator to sign a deal with Xumo outside its joint venture backers.
  • Mediacom's plan is to offer the new Xumo Stream Box, which integrates an array of subscription and free, ad-supported streaming apps, to broadband customers who do not take the operator's pay-tv service.
  • Xumo Play is your destination for free LIVE and on-demand streaming channels ranging from sports highlights to fun recipes to music and festival coverage. The Xumo App will be part of your Apple Play store or Google, and you will sign in with your current username and password that you use when accessing your mobile care app. Mediacom hopes to get the Xumo Stream Box to customers by the end of the year. Please stay tuned; more details to come.
  • Now available for current customers.


The Xumo Stream Box and associated voice remote. (SOURCE: XUMO)

*** For more information on the Xumo please select the hyperlink below ***


Luminary lvl8

Does streaming from Xumo count against your data cap?

I am just guessing, but I think it will due to it being streaming/hsd/IP based

Hoping to hear more about this new product/service as well

Luminary lvl8

Do you know when Mediacom is going to start giving out Xumo's boxes for cable tv subs?

Hello Gregherrin. No announcement has been made about when Xumo may be available from Mediacom. We will make announcements on our social channels when information becomes available. Thank you- Sean