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TiVo hard drive crashed, losing all our recordings, settings, and OnePass entries. Now . . .


The unit has been replaced, but now we’re struggling with rebuilding our OnePass list.  As we know, shows come and go, but sometimes they come back.  I’m wondering if there’s any way to create a OnePass for shows that are not currently on any channel’s schedule.  I’d like to record a show when/if it ever comes back on, without having to repeatedly scan the guide.  

Any ideas?  

Does anyone with technical knowledge at Mediacom (or TiVo) read these posts?



No they do nothing. I have had to replace tivo boxes multiple times to find out they are giving us what they just picked up from the last appointment problem. They do not send new boxes the techs have what they come up with in their van for repairs. Even had one mailed to me to replace and it was not new either. Losing hours/ months of recordings with no way to retrieve!!! And nothing from this company except you can expect it again if you use it!!! 


I looked online but all I could find is this help sheet from TiVo -

I also believe Mediacom is getting away from TiVos and is moving towards IP boxes unfortunately (HSD based with no DVR functionality)