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Resetting email password


We have reset our password to the Mediacom account site.  Ultimately, we want to reset our email password.  We have email setup on our old laptop, but we cannot remember the password.  We want to reset our password so we can create our email account on the new laptop.  So we have reset the password to the Mediacom site and our account, and logged out of all of our devices with old email address,  and waited 24 hours.  We can not log into Mediacom webmail.  It appears our new password that we reset for our Mediacom account is our new password for email.  What are we doing wrong?  Please help!!!



Hello LindaPotts. I am showing you use a non-Mediacom email as a login name and we do not currently have you set up with a Mediacom E-mail account. That said, The owner email account IS the Mediacom account login, so the password being changed will affect both since they are the same login.