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2 Eeros from Amazon and 2 from Mediacom


I have two Eeros rented from Mediacom and two bought from amazon. Can they work together?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Great question and yes you can use the ones from Mediacom in conjunction with Amazon's. You will need to ensure that the rental one from us is set as the main and the rest can be assigned throughout the house as secondary's. 

Vic, I have 2 EERO from Mediacom, i'm getting a Dot from Amazon, they said the dot can be added to my eero to give me a larger footprint with eero. In the app when I try to link the eero to amazon it says try again, I have done this several times. Am I missing something? Why can't I link the eero you provided with Amazon? Thnanks

You should be able to link your Amazon account via the Eeros app under Account Settings.  Underneath your information, the option to switch to Amazon login will be listed and after choosing this option, simply follow the steps.  

I keep get a page that says "well, that was unexpected"We're experiencing a bit of an issue. If this problem persists, try again in a few minutes.

It says if you are receiving this in error contact eero support, so I guess I'll try that