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Mediacom Landline Phone Star Features

Are you currently subscribed to Mediacom's landline phone service? If so, here are some pretty cool star features that you might not be aware of. You can enable these features from your landline phone set! If you have any troubles doing so, we can ch...

Where can I find developer resources?

I'm a software developer and I have an elderly friend of mine who is legally blind. I would like to explore integrating the Mediacom CommPortal to Amazon Echo/Alexa devices because voice navigation is much easier for her. What developer resources are...

Adding Voicemail

I would like to add Voicemail to my Mediacom phone, but cannot find any pricing on the Rate Card lookup. How much is Voicemail? 

Unable to make International Calling

I get this error when I try to call an overseas number" unable to make international calls from this number, call Mediacom." I called, and the following were checked correctly by the agent:-1. Call barring is disabled2. I don't subscribe to World Tal...

VM Pin

How do I reset my VM pin?


How much does it cost to call Canada from a Mediacom landline?

Phone Port

Typically an account number and/or PIN is required when porting a phone number into our phone service depending on the  previous carrier. If you are looking to port out, it is recommended to leave your phone service active while you initiate the port...

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