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Sent me wrong remote, then did it again


I spent hours talking to one of Mediacom’s incompetent customer support staff trying to get instructions on how to program the remote I was sent. I was finally told it was the incorrect one and they’d send me a new one. I sent them pictures of the one I had and I told them I knew they were going to send me the same remote. Sure enough, the same remote arrived today and I’m still dead in the water. I have never known a business to operate with such hubris that they can literally lie to customers and get away with it. It simply because they have a monopoly in my burg.  



Hello and thanks for reaching out on our Communities page! I am sorry to hear of the issues with your new remote(s). Based on what you have stated I believe you were looking to request a 'Big Button Remote' rather than the normal DTA remote that is issued. I have forwarded this along to have the remote you are requesting be sent out ASAP.