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Bad Modem




My internet quality has declined in the past week.  I replaced my router because I thought that was the problem, but I think it might be the modem.  I was wondering if I could get my modem replaced.  Thanks.



Hello MJS. I am sorry to hear that the service quality has declined this past week for you. In many cases if the modem is failing it will simply stop functioning, so there could be a signal or area issue based on your description of the problem. To troubleshoot a potential equipment issue or report/view any area interruptions easily from a mobile phone, please log into the Mediacom App or SMS text 'MEDIACOM' to 66554 at your convenience. For slow speed related issues please try the steps posted on this page.

I am sorry but this is incorrect. The modem will not just stop when it starts to fail. You will start to have signal issues and random disconnects, which will then slowly get worse with more frequent drops until the point that the modem will then just stop working. But it will take weeks before a total failure. 

I have had this experience on my past 4 Mediacom modems. I went from having only the maintenance outages and the random outages to having drops 7 to 10 times a day that, over a few weeks would get worse. So, I am sorry but your are not correct saying that the modem will just stop working. In fact, you can look at my account and see I just replaced my modem, that I was having signal issues, and by just getting a new modem, fixed all my issues. 

Thanks for your input, Twins_34. In many cases, modems will get replaced repeatedly in an effort to resolve a misdiagnosed/difficult to locate intermittent signal or hardware problem along the data path. If the signal is intermittent it will continue to occur with every modem until that noise or interference is resolved. Repeat service calls to the home followed by maintenance outages are also a good indication that work is actively being done in the area to make improvements. That said, modems do have the potential to be misconfigured, have manufacturing defects, etc., however, getting multiple failing modems of different brands/models back to back multiple times is rare and more than likely is another issue causing those symptoms to occur with the modems.


If you have Twitter you can message them @MediacomSupport and they will send you a new modem through the mail with a return shipping box. Or if you are near a local Mediacom office, you can just take your modem there for a replacement.