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Brand new purchased modem: Already a connection issue?


This week I updated my personally purchased modem from a Arris Sufboard SB6141 to a SB8200.  Everything is set up and done (and I'm already seeing a 15 Mbps increase in download speeds), however there's one thing I'm unsure about.

Many years ago, a technician was servicing a slow speeds issue we had, and had noted how after working on things, he already saw improvements, based solely on the modem's (aforementioned SB6141) indicator lights, saying before we had only one of the down/upstream lights showing blue, while after, both were lit blue as expected.  Fast forward to today, and I can't help but notice that on this new SB8200, the same thing is showing -- blue for downstream, but only green for upstream.  Looking it up, I see that blue on this model indicates a DOCSIS 3.1 connection, and green a DOCSIS 3.0.

Is this something  I will need to have addressed (I'm getting nearly 30 Mbps upload speeds, just as before), or is this what I should expect to see (i.e. 3.1 upload isn't available)?



Hello JSwartz0181. That is normal. Docsis 3.1 is currently available for use on the downstream and we are actively working to upgrade the upload in the near future in order to improve those speeds further than the current capability.