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Fiber connection drops out when it's raining

Trailblazer lvl7

We have Mediacom fiber at home and at our store. The two locations are about a mile from one another and we have separate accounts for each. For whatever reason, the connection at the store is extremely unstable. It's not so bad on a sunny day, but on rainy days, it drops out multiple times per hour. I cannot find any logs on the control panel for the gateway to see if I can spot an issue. What is the reasoning behind why the connection would be so bad on a rainy day?

I've already had one service call and the technician mansplained and talked down to me, then told me I needed to have my husband wire in all of the ethernet ports that were disconnected by the previous tenant. That's not possible for a few reasons, and the internet we are paying $150 a month for needs to work correctly. I also did not appreciate the way he handled the situation and assumed I was an idiot.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @leahtn79. I apologize for the issue you are having. There may be a damaged cable or other equipment issue that is causing the intermittent connection. Please contact Mediacom Business Support at 800-379-7412, and we will assist you. Thank you- Sean

Thank you. I had a service call previously, but the issues above happened.  Maybe if I call again, I can request that specific tech not take the ticket.