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Docis 3.1 Light not on Arris Surfboard SB8200

Howdy, The Surfboard SB82000 has two colors for downstream signals, green is 3.0 and blue is 3.1I subscribe to 1GB down but rarely get even half that. Is there any troubleshooting I can do? I've already sent a corrected signal via the app, and unplug...

yeehaw_ by Member
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Where to buy my own modem

I currently have internet and phone service with mediacom and am renting  a modem / router combo.  I do not like several things such as the inability to fully manage the router / modem.  Yes, there is limited management through the mediacom portal bu...

Internet drops all day long every day

Last Monday two techs came out. Literally replaced every piece of equipment and even the cables. My internet drops several times a day. I am fed up!  I want this fixed and I do NOT want the same guys to come out!

Mb by Member
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Home Networking login page error

This is likely due to being logged in already via our support site using a login that is not the primary or owner account. To correct this, please go to: and click 'SIGN OUT' after hovering over your name in the uppe...

Modem keeps restarting

I am having a problem with random internet outages.  Outages last about 1-2 minutes but occur frequently enough to be a problem.  My Cable modem (Motorola M8600) is logging several critical errors each time it happens such as T3 time-out, T4 Timeout ...

sdude by Member
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Internet Keeps Going Out

Having a problem with random internet outages.  Cable modem seems to be rebooting when the outages are occurring and internal connectivity within the house (i.e. local file server access) is working fine even when internet goes down.  Outages last ab...

Guest Network on Eero

How do I change the password for the Guest network on the Wifi 360 Pro (EERO) setup. I can turn on and off the guest network but cannot find where to change the password for the Guest network. Thanks in advance.

Their Node

Ive had problems with my internet for at least a year now and this company still wont fix their problem which is the node...and they have been giving me the runaround for a whole year....Cant switch internet companies bc of where i live....such a bul...

vowels by Member
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Bad Modem

Hi, My internet quality has declined in the past week.  I replaced my router because I thought that was the problem, but I think it might be the modem.  I was wondering if I could get my modem replaced.  Thanks.

MJS by Member
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