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Connecting my Grill to wifi with 2.4G


I have a new pellet grill that can be connected to a network allowing me to use my phone to keep tabs on what is going on with the temperature etc... rather than having to go to the grill for updates.  I have a router that has both 2.4G and 5G lights on.  My grill will only connect to 2.4G.  How do I either turn off 5G or create a separate network with just 2.4G?

Thanks in advance




The answer depends on the router that you are using.  If you are using one of our eero's, the wifi networks can't be split.  However with that said, there are things you can do in the eero app that will allow the grill to connect. 

First try turn off the 5ghz in the app.  Then try connecting the grill.  5ghz only stays disabled for about 10 minutes.  If it connects, it will stay connected after the 5ghz turns back on.

Second, if that didn't work, turn on Legacy Mode in the eero app and then turn off the 5ghz.  It should now connect.  The 5ghz will turn back on automatically and the grill will stay connected, however if you turn back off legacy mode, the grill will likely drop connection.

If you aren't using one of our eero's and the router that you have is capable of splitting the networks, doing that is recommended and should work.