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Internet issues today


I'm having severe internet issues all day today.  I'm supposed to be getting 300 down/20 up, but I'm routinely getting around 150 down/0 up.  I tried the modem troubleshooter and it said it couldn't get a signal from my modem.  I power-cycled it and still nothing.  It's an Arris Surfboard SB6141 - DOCSIS 3.0, but it's supposed to work up to 373 down, so I don't want to replace it, and I don't want to rent a Medacom modem.  My signal levels look good - I have 8 downstream channels with signal levels from 1 dBmV down to -4 dBmV, and two upload channels at 43 dBmV and 44 dBmV.  Anything you can see on my line, or do I have to have a tech come out?  If so, what seems to be the issue?  Everything was fine yesterday.  There are no outages reported.  

Hopefully my upload is good enough for this one to go through.  It failed the last time.  I can't even upload a picture of my signal levels anywhere.  



Hello Ringthane, and thank you for reaching out to us. I do recommend following the steps listed here If you are still having slow speed issues I would recommend texting 66554 to speak with one of our representatives. If you are not already receiving text notices from Mediacom, text "Join” to 66554 to register. Once the phone number has been verified and registered for your account, our agents will be able to troubleshoot this issue with you. If you are unable to send an SMS text message please contact our Mediacom Customer Support number of (855) 633-4226. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.

Upload bandwidth travels a 'return path' signal on different frequencies than download bandwidth. It can be affected by a number of factors that oddly do not affect download performance. Given that, it makes sense to check a few things in your residence first before concluding a regional issue is affecting you. Surge protection & power strips can create a ground loop in certain circumstances & should be avoided. Modems have built-in surge protection but if you want peace of mind use one with just a single outlet. Using a dedicated wall outlet is best for a modem's power supply & if possible ensure no other appliances are in use nearby, at least 4 feet away minimum. Finally, make sure the coaxial cable run from wall outlet to modem is a direct as possible. Avoid couplings to extend the length! Eliminate 'splitters' unless they were employed by the certified Mediacom installer. Keep in mind even a splitter can be affected by electromagnetic interference so having power cords in close proximity can be a problem, especially if a splitter has 'unterminated' fittings exposed. Also coaxial cables should be inspected from time to time for integrity. Bends or awkward angles should be addressed & if necessary re-routed using new cabling. That is something Mediacom should do for you as long as it's one they installed. If not, like one in your wall or in a crawl space, that's your responsibility.