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location of ip address

Trailblazer lvl7

My husband and I play games on a site Clubwpt. Yesterday I tried to play and the site said I'm not eligible  to play because of the state I live in. My husband played yesterday and again today. I pay a monthly fee to play on this site. My question is do we share the same ip address if yes then why does his work on his laptop and not on my laptop? 

Thank you in advance,

Georgette Miller




Hello 49miller,

Do you know if the work computer is using a VPN service?  If it is, then that is likely the reason that one is working as a VPN will give that device a different public IP address.  One way to find out your public IP address and to see where it thinks you are located is by going to  If your location information is incorrect there, please do reach out to our customer service by either texting 66554 or by calling us at 800-332-0245 and we will be happy to help.




My IP address on my laptop is VPN on

My husband's IP address on his computer is

Are they suppose to be this? 

Georgette Miller

I'm waiting for a response from the web site to hear if it's their problem or my internet

That is correct. Each device behind your modem and router will have a unique "internal" IP address that begins with 192. You can find out what your external IP address for Mediacom is by searching "What is my IP address" on Google.