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Missing Emails


I have not been receiving all of my emails. My son will email me at my mchsi account and my gmail account. The gmail messages always come through, the mchsi account messages are hit and miss. The mchsi account seems to get them more often if they are a reply to a message. My son doesn't receive any form of bounce back to indcate what the problem is. I believe I am missing other emails as well, since I've not been regularly receiving communications from other services that I would expect.

It makes no difference if I am using the webmail client or a local client on my laptop.

The messages are not appearing in spam, trash, etc. The activity streams are disabled in the web mail.

Is there anything I can do besides begin the arduous process of transitioning away from mchsi email?



I apologize for any emails that are not arriving to your inbox. Since the known sender is not receiving any type of bounce back messages and you confirmed that you are using webmail to confirm receipt, we would need to investigate this further. The best way to verify is through contact with our support group with details regarding the sent messages which would include the sender, the content or subject line. and the date / time the message was sent. You can contact us by SMS text messaging to 66554 with this information. You can also review regarding the possibility of any blocked messages.


I had the same problem and called tech support. After 3 calls I was told all internet providers have "outside" company's they hire for email delivery to their servers (elevated tech support). If enough people report a sender as spam, the sender is blocked before it reaches Mediacom. I wasn't getting email to verify my acct for a forum, and suddenly started getting electric bills in real mail. I had been electronic billing for 2 years prior. So when I called Ameren - my email couldn't be verified - there were bounced back immediately. 2 mchsi and 3 mediacombb addresses- none will come through; but I get other emails from them sent through a different email they use. Changed it to a google email acct- it goes through. Just FYI - there is no solution to this problem, I have no filters seton mediacom, some go to my junk folder by filters on my PC, but that is through my MS outlook (office 2007) settings configured on my PC. Blocked senders by the company mediacom hires can't be unblocked.