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No Ranging Response: T3 Time-Out Error



I recently purchased two DOCSIS 3.1 modems, Netgear CM1100, and Surfboard SB8200 to take advantage of the new 1G plan Mediacom upgraded its Internet 600 users to on May 24.

A technician had already come out when I had the Netgear CM1100 earlier this morning.  We noticed the CM1100 had the firmware version for the CM1000 model.  The technician tested the line from the router to his testing device and from the coax cable from the wall to his device and the speeds were up to 1G down / 20 or so up.

I am getting the "No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out" message on every single line in the Event logs for the SB8200.  I have already returned the NetGear CM1100 as this was showing the same errors and the firmware was not matching with the model. My speeds are still reflecting the old Internet 600 plan, around 400-500 up / and 20-25 down with the Surfboard SB8200.

Not sure what else can be done.  There were so many articles about the No Ranging Response: T3 Time-Out Error on the internet.  I was thinking maybe a tech could come out again and bring one of Mediacom's cable modems to test.  I am really hoping this can be resolved somehow.  Looking forward to the 1G experience.









Hello, and thank you for posting. I would recommend troubleshooting the modem from our Mediacom Connect App. Through there the App can check the signals on the modem. If the modem signals are failing in any way it will help you schedule a service appointment to investigate the modem.