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Repeated WiFi problems with eero


Since we were forced to start using the eero extension of our Wi-Fi, I cannot keep the myQ connection for my garage doors, nor my Blink connection for my cameras connected. They continuously drop the Wi-Fi and require a full reset. This happens at least twice a week.
also, since that time or 5G connection is hardly accessed. We were told that it’s the same Wi-Fi password for both 2.4 and 5G. So far, this adaptation is trash, and there is very little support. When I called in, I was treated like this should be elementary. I have a doctorate and I can’t make this continuously work. Any advice?



Good afternoon Jmd,

Since Eero is a mesh Wi-Fi system and only broadcast one network, it will automatically associate each device connected on your network to its preferred frequency.

I would try to login to the Eero app and see if temporarily disabling the 5ghz frequency would help. If basic troubleshooting doesn’t seem to help, I would reach out to Mediacom to schedule a technician appointment to further diagnose the issue.