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Where to buy my own modem


I currently have internet and phone service with mediacom and am renting 🤢 a modem / router combo.  I do not like several things such as the inability to fully manage the router / modem.  Yes, there is limited management through the mediacom portal but it is flaky at best, and very unreliable.  Currently for example, it says I have no devices connected and is not pushing down the port forwarding config.  

While mediacom has a list of 'approved modems', they are just that.  Modems.  If you purchase one, you lose the ability to use the phone (which is required for my alarm system).

Has anyone had success buying a docsis 3.1 from Amazon and gotten both the phone and internet working?  I purchased one and the phones didn't work.  The service rep at mediacom told me I had no option but to use what they provide if i want phone service.  




Hello Black_Lotus. The link provided is a list of working List of Mediacom Issued Modems and User Guides. Any of these devices should work with any services that Mediacom does provide. We certainly appreciate your post and if you have any other questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask.