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Introducing the Xumo Stream Box



Xumo Stream Box is a fast and easy to use device used for streaming with everything in one place already preloaded.  With it's easy to use navigation, it's the perfect device for both new and vetern streamers. With a Xumo stream box, you can enjoy a simple and seamless entertainment experience, with voice control, custom playlists, and no downloading apps required.  


Xumo Stream Box plugs into any TV, so you can access all your streaming apps. Search across apps with your voice, and save them in one place with My List. Plus enjoy 300+ free channels with Xumo Play. Experience the joy of streaming with the Xumo Stream Box.

Your home for streaming


The Xumo Stream Box Homescreen has it all.  It’s easy to find what you’ve recently watched, as well as recommendations for what you might like.

Apps Launch Quickly


Watch without waiting. All your apps are ready to watch - no downloading necessary with over 200 apps  already installed.

Say it to Play it


Use the voice remote to search across Live TV and the most popular streaming apps to find exactly what you want to watch faster and easier than before.


*Now available for Current and New customers who choose not to have our TV service, but still have Internet.



Awesome read:)

Luminary lvl8

What is the cost of this service? 

Hello mgmricks,

There are two options for obtaining a Xumo Stream box from us at this time.

1.) You can outright purchase the Xumo Stream box from us.  They are $60 each and there is a max purchase limit of 6 boxes.  With this method, there is not a monthly service fee.

2.) We are pleased to announce that our latest promotional offers now include the option to incorporate Xumo stream boxes. With these enhanced offers, the first Xumo Stream box can be obtained at no additional cost. Please note that for each subsequent Xumo Stream box (ranging from the second to the sixth), a monthly service fee of $5 per box will be applied. Also, please note that an initial deployment fee of $15 will be charged for each box when first ordered under this method.

To order by either method, you will want to either call us at 800-332-0245  or text us at 66554 and we will be happy to help.  Please know, the number of messages may vary. If you join, you will need to reply HELP for help or STOP to opt out of the SMS chat service. You can review our terms and conditions of this service on our site at

Warmest regards,


Luminary lvl8

When will the Xumo boxes include Mediacom live tv/content?