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Xtreme IP Cable Box Remote assignment

Luminary lvl8

I have a question on the Remote Control with the Mediacom IP Cable Boxes.  I have 4 of them.  3 of them are working as they should.   I have One of them that apparently has a misconfigured "Power" button.  When I hit the "Power" button on the IP box's remote control, it shuts the Power to the Cable Box off, and Leaves the Power to the actual Television still "On".  The other 3 all turn the Television's Power Off with the "Power" button.  The "pairing" process was done at the initial installation of all the boxes.  I don't see anything in a Menu that allows me to change this setting, or to re-learn the function.  How do I make this IP Box remote turn my TV off, and not the IP Box?



Hello Wrinklez! You can get to the pairing function by pressing and holding the TiVo and back buttons simultaneously down until the LED light at the top of the remote stays on. The LED will flash slowly every 3-seconds and then flash quickly 5-times. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

If the remote is determined to be bad, please text us at 66554 for a replacement or call us at 855-633-4226. We appreciate your valued business & thank you for reaching out!

Thank you...  that took care of the problem.


I need a new controller 

Luminary lvl8

Hello Pastorj. You should contact customer service to get a replacement. You can text 66554 or call them.