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Paramount plus setup


Anyone setup paramount plus on their tv or fire stick?



 I have not, I did find this online though - How can I add the Paramount+ app to my Fire TV? 

On your Fire TV:
1. Search for "Paramount+"
2. In the search results, select "Paramount+ App"
3. Tap "Get" to download the app. That's it!

From a Web browser:
1. On desktop, go to your local Amazon website and search for Paramount+ under Apps and Games.
2. To subscribe to "Paramount+, select the Paramount+ app. Note: The Paramount+ app is free, but a subscription is required in order to stream Paramount+ content.
3. On the right panel of the screen, choose the device you wish to have the Paramount+ app delivered to (i.e. Fire TV, Fire TV stick, or Kindle Fire) by selecting it from the dropdown menu in the "Deliver to" field. 4. Connect your device to WiFi, and select the "Deliver" (located just below the "Deliver to" field.
5. The app will install on your Fire TV

  • If it does not install, go to device Settings > My Account > Sync Amazon Content
  • If the app still hasn't downloaded, go to: Apps > Your Library Apps, and download it there