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Digital home touch screen cost

Luminary lvl8
  1. How much is the touch panel outright if I keep it?
  2. For the security bundle, does it count as (3) pieces of equipment?
  3. If I cancel the DH automation (before or after the 90 days), does the Automation System have to be returned if I discontinue the service?

Community Manager
Community Manager
  1. The Touchscreen is always purchased as part of a kit (with door sensors and motion detectors) and customer cost is $540
  2. The security bundle is comprised of the kit (mentioned in previous bullet) and is actually 8 devices (Touchscreen, 4 door sensors, 3 motion detectors)
  3. If service is cancelled with 90 days of install, the customer can return all devices – OR – keep them and pay the equipment fee. However, we do request that the customer return the Smart Gateway (Automation Hub) device, or pay us $360 for that device.