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Are You Ready For Some Football?!: AFC and NFC Conference Games


The tension and anticipation has been building for weeks and it's not over yet! The race to Super Bowl LVIII is in high gear ahead of the conference championship games! 

chiefts.jpgThe AFC Championship game is set for January 28th at 3pm ET with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens facing off at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore! You can watch the game on Paramount + and CBS!





lions.jpgThe NFC Championship is set for January 28th as well at 6:30 pm ET where the San Francisco 49'ers will host the Detroit Lions at Levi's Stadium! ou can watch the game on Paramount + and CBS!




Tell me your predictions and swing back for highlights and the moment we have all been waiting for, Who will go to Super Bowl LVIII!



AND WE ARE BACK! Those games had me yelling, sitting, standing, pacing, and everything! I will admit I am personally a Raiders Fan (I know, don't come for me!) but I will watch football all day long and cheer till I'm blue in the face!  I am so glad Championships are done so we can gear up for The Big Game!

Let's run through some highlights from each game and take a look at our contenders for Super Bowl LVIII!

chiefts.jpgFirst up was the AFC Championship game where the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Baltimore Ravens at home! The chiefs stuck first mid 1st quarter with a touchdown from Travis Kelce. Minutes later the Ravens answer with a touchdown of their own from Zay Flowers. Early in the 2nd quarter, the Chiefs are in the end zone again courtesy of Isaiah Pacheco. The Chiefs were sitting at a 1 touchdown lead at 14-7. 8 seconds before half time, Kansas City pulls out a 52 yard  field goal from kicker, Harrison Butker giving the Chiefs a lead of 17-7 heading to the locker room. As the teams rolled back to field and started the 3rd quarter, they go back and forth without a point on the board. The Ravens had a HUGE chance to make something happen after a 54 yard gain from Zay Flowers but he was called for taunting and lost some of that much needed yardage.  As the 4th quarter kicked off, the Chiefs knock the ball loose for a touchback but weren't able to score. As the 4th quarter starts winding down, the Ravens get 3 on a field goal, making this a one score game again. The Ravens just couldn't make it happen though and Kansas City was officially crowned conference champ and punched their ticket to Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII! 

lions.jpgOn to the NFC Championship game! This game featured the 49'ers at home vs the Lions and let me tell you, this one was a rollercoaster! Less than 2 minutes into the 1st quarter, the Lions are up 7-0 after a touchdown from Jameson Williams. The 49'ers had a missed field goal mid quarter as rookie kicker, Jake Moody, is still struggles form last weeks game. With 2 minutes left in the 1st quarter, the Lions extend their lead to 14-0 thanks to David Montgomery! Shortly into the 2nd quarter, the 49'ers score via Christian McCaffery and shortened the Lions lead to just a touchdown. With just under half of the 2nd quarter left, the Lions end up in the end zone AGAIN, this time with Jaymyr Gibbs running it in and right before half time, the Lions kicker extends the lead to 24-7 at the half. I will admit I thought this game was over( I know, shame on me, a lot came happen in 2 quarters of football and boy did something happen!) 4 minutes into the 3rd quarter, the 49'ers kicked gets 3 to shorten the lead to 2 touchdowns. With half the 2rd quarter gone, we see the catch of the game from Brandon Aiyuk as it was thrown deep, bounced of a Lion's face mask, and it caught! 2 plays later, Aiyuk is in the end zone, making this sucker a one touchdown game! As the 3rd quarter starting to really wind down, The Lions fumble the ball, Niners recover it, and make it hurt as they tie the game up via Christian McCaffery. The 49er's are making this comeback look better and better with a field goal, taking the lead for the first time all game mid 4th quarter. They continued to just dominate the half with another touchdown, making the score 34-24. Incase you are keeping track, that's 27 unanswered points in the 2nd half. Les than a minute to go and the Lions manage to get 3 but couldn't get anything else before the clock struck 0:00. The 49'ers are heading to Vegas to play the Chiefs after one heck of comeback! 

Come back for super bowl information, matchups, and all things Super Bowl!