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How to pay bill online? The site just redirects me back to the dashboard.


Everytime I log in the site redirects me back to When I click on the Pay Bill option under the Account header at the bottom of the page the URL shows, but it then redirects back to the dashboard. 



Make sure your role is set to owner or admin. If it is set to user, you won’t have access to any billing information or be able to make payments.

The settings should be located under 'Mediacom ID Management'.

Wow didnt notice that. You wouldnt happen to know how to update that would you? This is the only user on my account, no owner or admin and I need to be able to pay my bill.

Hello DallenTaylor. Security changes were implemented last year to prevent non-owner accounts from having unknown or unintended access to billing and network manager settings. In order to allow any non-primary accounts to have access to billing you will need to use the Owner account for your Mediacom account found here:!/RecoverId 

Once you have the Owner account logged in you can immediately access billing or to enable your user-level account you can go to then click 'ID Management'. From there, click the word 'User' in the Role column for the account you would like to enable billing access to. Once you have the options open for that user ID, select Admin from the drop down box then click continue to save.