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Mediacom "My Account" won't load


I've tried repeatedly to log onto "My Account", but the page won't load... I just wanted to see how much data I have left. Everything else loads fine on my PC, so its your web site that's screwed-up


Community Manager
Community Manager

Are you experiencing this problem on more than one device? If you are using a saved bookmark or favorite, please delete it and enter the website manually. 

Multiple devices...either via bookmark or manually.

Selecting 'My Account' from the page does not work either (though I think it is the same address as if connecting from

Community Manager
Community Manager

I suggest you make sure that your browser is up to date, and I recommend you disable any browser plugins you are using. If you aren't using Google Chrome, please try using it. If you still experience the error, please bypass your WIFI router or switch and connect your PC directly to the modem, and test.  

Both via bookmark and manual...  More than one desktop computer, but I just tried via my phone and it is ok.