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What are your seasonal/vacation plans


I live in NYC and would like to know my options to keep my service in my rental home in DE. Is there a seasonal plan and how much? Will I have internet still?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, AnonymousTech. Mediacom has a Winter Plan available for Delaware homeowners from September 1st - March 31st. The Winter Plan provides a 50% discount on their current service package, and services remain active. This plan is for those customers that wish to keep service active at a seasonal or vacation home and will have little or no Internet usage during the winter months while enrolled in the plan. This plan is not for customers who are living in their home full time during the winter months. Internet usage is monitored, and customers with continued higher usage levels may lose the 50% discounted rate. If you would like to enroll your account in the Delaware Winter Plan, please send an SMS text message to 66554. Thank you-