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Latency doubled from this morning 32ms to 60+ms this afternoon/evening


Latency doubled from this morning 32ms to 60+ms this afternoon/evening, what's going on, this is killing my online gaming.

I reset everything, and have rules in place to address buffer bloat, but latency remains in the mid60-ms, what did mediacom do???


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Griff2. Although the latency you are reporting is within an acceptable range of performance, I can appreciate your concern. There are a few things I recommend you do. First, check to ensure that other connected devices or programs running on your network are not impacting the performance of your internet. Second, check your router firmware to ensure it is up to date. Third, check the coax cable connections to the wall outlet and modem to ensure they are secure, and reboot your equipment. These steps will ensure that you have an optimal connection. -Sean