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Internet Data

I checked my data usage today and it says I have used 0 with 20 days left.  I obviously know I have used some.  Is there an issue with the data usage meter on the app? 

FrankD by Luminary lvl8
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Gaming Tips Powered By Xtream

Are you a gamer? What are your favorite gaming consoles? What are your favorite games?  Do you prefer console gaming or pc gaming? We would love to know, please let us know in the comment section below! Good things about gaming Opportunity to make co...


Mediacom Selects Nokia PON Technology For Rural Networks

Mediacom has active fiber-to-the home projects in areas below: Dewey, ILDuluth, MNNicollet, MNSwan Lake, MNLaurel, DETruesdale, IA Mediacom will utilize Nokia's passive optical network (PON) technology for the deployment of fiber networks in rural ar...


Mediacom Webmail

Mediacom Webmail Do you have an active internet subscription with Mediacom? If you do, we offer a webmail service that you may like and utilize! Mediacom's webmail system offers customers a full featured email program that includes advanced features ...

MediacomCJU_8-1698351785241.png MediacomCJU_9-1698351785248.png MediacomCJU_10-1698351785252.png MediacomCJU_11-1698351785258.png

How to Optimize Your WiFi Functionality

Click on the below video to learn how you can optimize your WiFi functionality. In today’s modern household, there are many smart devices connected to the internet. Most connect wirelessly to a router located in the home.  Your router takes the sing...

optimize_wifi_pic1.png optimize_wifi_pic2.png

Active Wifi Networks and how to use them

I can get into my  modem and change the names of my active networks.  However, it's still broadcasting as the old network name.  How do I get it to refresh?

skellough by Trailblazer lvl7
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I am trying to find out if Xtreme modems allow all RTP traffic. I am remote customer service and need to kno!

ENDof8 by Luminary lvl8
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Internet Outages

Internet outages have occurred at least ten times daily for the past week and our cable becomes "stuck" at the same time.  I know it's not just mine, as our neighbors have complained about the same problem on our Neighborhood FB page.  Most of the ne...

Bamaluver by Trailblazer lvl7
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