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What is this new "Xplorer box?"

Luminary lvl8

I logged into support to ask a question about on-demand but a notice at the top of the screen caught my attention.  I had to order and Xplorer box to continue to watch tv?? What IS this thing? 



Hello SirMatthewKBE. The Xplorer box is an IP-based cable box that is currently being launched to replace the older cable box equipment in areas phasing out analog cable. For details on what to expect in the installation kit that is included with this equipment along with instructions on how to install it should you choose to self install please go HERE.

Does this mean I can no longer use my DVD/Hard Drive recorder with it then? Is there some sort of recording app included in the new device?

Mentor lvl9

Recording support is not available unless you still have a Tivo. The industry trend is towards online streaming, where content is always available online using network TV apps or " over-the-top" services like Netflix and Hulu.